Beauty of Two Bonded Souls

Beauty of Two Bonded Souls

It’s not that often, that we receive a request for publication of a poem the size that Jaya Sai Raj Krishna Tanari (The Heartbroken Quill) wrote. This is the poem Beauty of Two Bonded Souls.


The heartbroken quillAbout the poet

Hey there! “The Heartbroken Quill” is the pen name. I hail from Vizag, the city of destiny. Never ending love for words and art. Engineer by qualification, writer by passion.

About the poem

Ever felt flawed?
Don’t worry, I feel the same too!
Because, every person, at one instant or the other will lose faith in themselves.
And that very moment, the beauty lies in putting yourself together, mustering courage and fighting back the time to reveal your best.
And for that, you need a beautiful soul that helps you find the right balance in life and give you an assurance that flaws can be shaped to perfections.

“Beauty of Two Bonded Souls” is an extract from my personal life.
At times, I do feel vulnerable, and I feel my writing ability diminishes with time.
And a beautiful soul helped me realise, art doesn’t fade away!


Beauty of Two Bonded Souls

By The Heartbroken Quill

Beauty of Two Bonded Souls


How magical the feeling truly

is, that feeling between two bonded souls.

Added strength, added


a perfect balance to their lives

on a whole.

His blank mind, an empty canvas, feels

dull until her

thoughts color the sense of joy.


heart wails, all set to storm tears,

like those dark clouds, if she caught

any moist

in his eyes.

There was a time,

where all


could see was her, with his eyes closed.

Words started

to flow with great force, the tip of


quill was driven by pure love.

Pink crept over her cheeks, as charm in

every word carved a place for him in her left,

that beautiful

feeling she went through was perfectly right, she knew her heart’s under



things change, nothing

remains same,

so was his art. Now only remains


spilled ink,


words, torn papers and feeble


He complained every now

and then, cried his heart

out, as he couldn’t

believe his

timid word art,



seems to

have met him

right in the


She never

gave up on him, never did


accept he was flawed, she knew that the time


an unconquered master, it plays

its game really smart, even the

sun looks


when its

in the

west, she always insisted

him to follow the thing

under his chest.

How beautiful this truly is, that


between two bonded souls.

When love meets life, every pain soothes, every hurt cures, every heart beats till the



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