The poem "Bed-sheet" is about a breakup between two lovers and is written by Agatha Nagisa.

In way, the poem written by Agatha Nagisa can be considered both a happy or a sad love poem. Happy, because of the gift she leaves for her lover. Sad, because her lover might not find the way to her bed.

About this poem

Let’s make sure you are getting this right: the poem itself isn’t that positive. This is what Agatha told us about this poem:

It is about a couple who are on the edge of breaking up but the girl is trying to fix everything and stay loving the boy. she hopes that the boy still feels the same way as she does, love.

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By Agatha Nagisa

I left
the rose petals
on the way to my room
So that you won’t get lost
when you miss my bed-sheet

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