A poem about the inspiration to dream, believe, achieve and never give up. This is the poem Believe.

About the poem

This poem/Sonnet is a inspiration to dream, believe and achieve and never give up on one’s dream.
The motivation behind this piece is that by this piece I want to inspire people to catch their dreams and believe in themselves and achieve them.

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By Shikhar Singhal


Look up at the stars,
Not down at your feet,
Let’s take out our dreams from the jars,
And be a little more sweet.


Don’t dim that twinkle,
Entwined in your eyes,
Let’s get wet in the sprinkle,
And paint all the skies.


Let’s follow the arrow,
Wherever it points,
So let’s not think about us any narrow,
And change our viewpoints.


Dream big and work hard, you have it in you to achieve,
Be your own magician, and take out your card, all you got to do is believe.




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