Best for you

The best for you

When asked, Astha Pratik Sinha, explained that the poem Sacrifice was all about the click two people can have when they meet and start talking.

About the poem

Honestly speaking .. I write because this is my safest place to be . Just simple.  And I wrote the poem because I have been there , and I was talking to one of my friend ..And she mentioned something likewise…I have written this a while ago .. but when we talked , it just clicked that, there are many people like us who can relate with this . You know , when you believe in “sacrifice” . So I posted this … 💗

|| Best for you ||

Loving someone doesn’t mean you have to have them . It also means, letting them go , if they deserve more than what you are capable of giving them . They might be the one , who brings out the best of you but that doesn’t mean you are the one ,who is best for them.
If you truly love someone , you  won’t want them to settle on anything less . Even if it will break you to them go , you will back away.


Best for you

By Astha Praktik Sinha (Poetry in soul – The beauty of words)

The best for you

I know, you are the best thing
ever happened to me. You are
the one for me

But deep down, I know. I am not
the one, who is best for you.

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