Best news

The poem Best news, written by Maia Runa, is a poem that is inspired by music.

About Best news

my poem titled “best news”, inspired by lyrics from Audien, “…I feel the wind move; we breathe the same air. You’re like the best news that I can’t share…”

Best news

Best news

By Maia Runa

secrets and hide aways
dark places in alley ways
they never hindered you
nor making me grays
phone calls at dawn
always seem to me
you’re in the darkest
of nights losing your
whispers and not shouts
always us in each other’s mouth
never let things go south
you and i, we’re a hush hush
they made you walk around
with a red carpet girlfriend
i stepped aside, smiling away
all these secrets and hide aways
man, you’re the best of news
that i can’t share

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