Big Bang’s Child

Big Bang's Child

The Russian poetess Veronika Purplesfinx considers herself to be inspired by the sixties and seventies of last century. She hopes that one day, she can become a lyricist for rock bands. She wrote a poem that was inspired by astronomy and Brian May, Big Bang’s Child.

About the poet

Veronika uses the pen names Veronika Purplesfinx, V.Purplesfinx. She posts her poems on Instagram with the artwork she made herself. We are therefore very pleased that she is the first poet and painter, who shared her work with us. We hope to publish more of her work in the near future, both poems as well as paintings / drawings.

My name is Veronika, born in Moscow. My dream is to become to a lyricist for rock bands and a comic-maker which have always been my passions. Most of my works are inspired by 60s-70s eras and all kind of mystique. My aim is to make this world better and kinder, so I am going to show people how important is to be a human through my poetry and arts. Peace and love!

We can only hope that she will achieve her goals. Keep on writing and painting Veronika!

Big Bang’s Child

By Veronika Purplesfinx

Big Bang's Child
I was born when all could breathe;
Seconds after the explosion.
When no one could know the death,
nothing was as pure as poison.
Floating in the endless darkness,
didn’t know the meaning of life.
Who would teach me words of kindness?
Would thoughts cut me like a knife?
It was hot. Wanted to shiver
As I gravitation felt;
lights in my eyes silver
had predicted future faint.
When got up, I knew it was
so much colder;
didn’t know where I go
‘cause the universe was older.
I was looking for the warmth…
How could I know I would surrender
Infiniteness for the sloth,
rays of stars for eyes your tender?


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