Bleeding silences

Bleeding silences

At any given point, a woman or man is able to write poetry. Sometimes there is a hard way of learning you can do this. The poem that was sent in by Toni is clearly of poetry that is caused by emotions.

About the poet

Toni writes under the name Lessons and Lightbulbs by TKS. According to her, people can call this

… rantings of an old school, hippy-like, cynical chick

We would call it poetry that contains emotions. Strong emotions and there is nothing wrong with that. Apart from the fact that these emotions are something that a person should not experience.

About this poem

The caption on her Facebook page was


We will just leave it at that.


Toni didn’t knew she could write poetry, till the moment her heart was broken.

I started by writing 4 poems around five years ago and then just stopped for some reason…. I guess I was healing. A couple of months ago I started Lessons and Lightbulbs by TKS on facebook and about a month ago I discovered an amazing poetry community on Instagram and decided to add Lessons and Lightbulbs to the Instagram family. I have since delved right into my poetic side and am absolutely loving it.

The poem

Bleeding silences

The silences… those silences when you hear the air fill your lungs just to escape a few seconds later… those moments… those breathless ones when they creep up on you just to scare the shit out of you… Close your eyes sweetheart… listen to the beat love… those beats of my heart when blood is pumping in just to escape a few seconds later

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