Bon voyage

Bon voyage

The poem Bon voyage, written by Jennifer Rae, is about moving. As the poetess moved a lot during her life, it felt she was a wandering soul. One that had to say goodbye too many times.

Jennifer Rae
Jennifer Rae. Source: Instagram.

About Jennifer

Together with her three sons, Jennifer lives in Columbus (Ohio, US). Writing isn’t new for her as she started out, when she was a child. The reason to start is both sad and beautiful. She was raised in a family, that was greatly disturbed by her father. He was both an alcoholic and drug addict. The chaos in her life, she wanted to repair it using her writings.

Writing has always been both my escape and my catharsis. I used to freelance for The Athens News in Athens, Ohio, but creative writing is my true passion.

She considers her steps on social media (Instagram) to present her writings as a good one.

The inspiration, guidance, and positive feedback is incredible. It’s crazy to think that I almost didn’t join; I certainly have zero regrets! My next step will be to publish a book of my poetry. I never thought that would happen for me, but the support from other writers here has given me the much-needed confidence boost!

Jennifer publishes her work on Instagram, where she can be found under the user name My_Purple_Journal.

About the poem

Bon voyage, French for have a nice trip, is a generally adapted term. Everyone knows about this and everyone can relate to how difficult saying goodbye can be. Jennifer was able to capture this all in one poem. The poem is about her own life. She moved several times and experienced hard times, when having to say goodbye.

“Because of these things, along with my wanderlust, I feel that I have a gypsy soul; I rarely feel entirely connected to people, places, or things. I feel as if I’m forever waiting for the end of any “good” in my life since it all seems to slip away eventually. I also withdraw quickly from anyone or anything that attempts to put too many restrictions upon me. I must have a balance of stability and freedom.

This is her story, caught in a beautiful poem!

Bon voyage

Bon voyage

She was born

to bid bon voyage

to anyone who

refused to see

that her gypsy soul

was fated to be free.

Jennifer Rae

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