Brain dead

Brain dead

It’s not the most easy period in the life of a writer or poet. The incorrect realisation that someone has failed as a writer or poet. In the case of James Mitchell, this is certainly true. He writes beautiful, strong and intense poetry. There should not be any doubt. Mitchel wrote about this feelings, his struggle, and made it into the poem Brain dead.

James Mitchell on InstagramAbout the poet

James Mitchell publishes his work on Instagram. The images he uses, well they strike out. He combines them with his words. Words that he has been writing for over twenty years. He started out in 1996 and did not stop writing.

The Chicago based poet was inspired by his grandmother, to start writing. He is now in his mid thirties and still enjoys the fact that he can use his poems to express his thoughts and feelings. On Instagram he uses the name Nikos_se7en or Mister Mitchell.

About the poem

Even when we think Mitchell does not need to worry about the way he writes and what he writes, there is doubt. He caught this in his poem Brain dead. The doubt of failing. But, did Mitchell fail as a poet? Did others fail to write words from their heart? Take for instance another poem that he wrote, Sarah. A poem clearly inspired what he calls his better half, the one he loves. Mitchell has the creativity to combine the words of love with modern day referrences. Where other poets choose to fall back on old or older metaphors, Mitchell strikes out and used the here-and-now to express his feelings.

But, as Mitchell said, the poem is open for interpretation. Brain dead. What do you think? We think it is just another example of his creativity, that we are more than happy to share with you.

Brain dead

By James Mitchell

Brain dead

A medically induced coma,
Clinically a vegetable
with bedpan aroma,
Unplug my ventilator,
Sayonara see you later,
My brain functions cease,
in other words I’m deceased,
Death of a morbid artiste,
pretentiously celebrated as
a maggot’s divine feast.





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