Bri’s Writer’s Block

So many fear this thing called Writer's block (or writersblock). As you can read the poem written by Bri (From the mind of Bri), a writer's block can be the start of something new. Read more about her poem.

So many fear this thing called Writer’s block (or writersblock). As you can read the poem written by Bri (From the mind of Bri), a writer’s block can be the start of something new. Read more about her poem.


We asked Bri if she was suffering from a writer’s block. It isn’t a hype. It has been around for ages. It is the condition that a writer suffers from, preventing to write. Or rather: the lost ability to write or come up with something new. Sometimes it’s just a short period of time. In other cases, this can last many years. For those who have been struggling with this condition, there is nothing better than to see that this barricade is no longer there. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a cure for this.

The poem that Bri presents, was written not so long ago. She was in search of inspiration and overthought her life. Usually, it is her own experiences that provide enough inspiration to write about. In this case, she couldn’t.

“I guess my mind was just dealing with too many other things.”

The poem tells us that she searched for someone or something when she decided to take a look at old photographs and (probably) social media postings. Instead of finding the right memories, she found that there was only this treadmill of emotions preventing her to think about all of this. When she finally found some inspiration, then other thoughts seemed to cloud these thoughts.

Maybe it’s this search that causes this barricade. Instead of searching in the right places, you can find yourself searching in places that aren’t just right. That doesn’t mean that these places or memories aren’t important. These are the distractions that cause your mind to wander off.

Still, there is one important conclusion Bri presents to us: Life is poetry and poetry is life. As for her life, she considers it to be an endless poem.

When she was able to write, she wrote this poem. She couldn’t determine what exactly was the reason to start writing again. Luckily it was only for a short period of time.

“Finally it just all came together I don’t know it’s a little hard to explain but I guess it just restored me because I see myself and my life experiences as poetry  …sometimes my writer’s block makes it difficult to put that poem together but I always know its there.”

This poem combines her everyday experiences with the search for a presence. A presence is nothing more than the inspiration to write. But, in a way, you can also think of this poem as being written from the point of view of someone who misses a lover. The lover is gone, life goes on. How? Just to do what you do best: move on. Time will grant the gift of knowledge to keep on moving.


I looked for you last week
In old pictures and posts
But your present was nowhere to be found
My mind drifted while on the treadmill
But quickly came back to the YouTube video playing through
my headphones
Then losing weight, paying bills and life’s purpose took over
my thoughts
I looked for you iin that New Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar
I looked for you in Nicki’s verse on Plain Jane
I played them both on repeat non stop on a drive up the strip
But still I couldn’t find you
I looked for you again last night at Planet Fitness
I thought for sure you’d be in the car after the hilarious
encounter with me telling the cashier I’m sure that I didn’t buy
any Tan Goggles at 4 AM because in case he hadn’t noticed I’m
black and I don’t tan
But even on that drive home you weren’t there
and then this morning
you came to me, after being awakened by the Fed Ex guy and
not being able to go back to sleep
There you were letting me know you’d been there all along
observing and helping put it all together
Remending me as always that life is poetry and poetry is life
and my life is a never ending poem.

— Bri (From the mind of Bri)

In this poem, Bri used the term writersblock instead of writer’s block. The official term is writer’s block. Attaching the two words to one word is done often. Consider it to be slang.

Bri's Writer's Block
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Bri's Writer's Block
See how frustrating it is not to be able to find the inspiration to write
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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