A broken heart can’t survive without love

A broken heart can't survive without love

Ophelia wrote some fine words about love. Accompanied by some beautiful artwork, we are proud to share a poem like this!

Love. It’s probably one of the most common uncommon emotions. Yes, that is a contradiction! There is so much to say about love and what it can do to people. Beautiful things, bad things. Love is a good inspiration to write poetry.

That is what Ophelia did. She did a marvellous job! Actually, marvellous isn’t the right word to use. It’s magnificent! It’s beautiful! It’s just wonderful!

Are you inspired by these words of Ophelia or you are in search of more inspiration, then follow this poet from Malta! She has her own Instagram profile, that can be found here.

A broken heart can’t survive without love

Poetry by Ophelia - A broken heart can't survive without love

By Poetry by Ophelia

Each other’s hearts,
We bruise, Break
Punch, Kick, Scratch

My ribs can no longer
Save my heart from damage
For I have bravely chosen
To hold it in the palm of my hand
For the whole world to feast their eyes on

Take it or leave it
It can only beat for you
Like a ticking clock
Tick tock, tick tock

Perhaps one day you’ll put it back for me
Safe where it belongs
Behind my ribs where only you can find it
Until then it’s getting old
Bare and in terrible despair
Lifeless and almost still

Should a gush of wind come by
Blown away it will be
For without you it has begun to weaken
To nothing but the strength
Of  a single blood soiled sheet of paper



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