Broken Hearts | Heal

Broken Hearts | Heal

The poetess Wordsponge wrote the poem Broken Hearts | Heal. It is all about loving yourself first and learning to appriciate yourself and don’t settle for second best, when you are suffering from a broken heart.

About the poem

She didn’t need many words to explain what the poem was all about. At least, she told us she wanted to use less words. Sometimes it’s best to let the words of the poem speak for itself. With she we mean Sissi, writer of so many wonderful poems. At the end of the article, we included some more of her work.

Broken Hearts | Heal

By Wordsponge
Broken hearts | heal

A Broken Heart cannot be healed
It cannot be healed by a second best
Love yourself before you love anyone else
Before you hand out who you are
Before you let down your guard
Before anyone can See
The vulnerable human you are indeed
Broken Hearts cannot be healed. They
cannot be healed by anyone
A Broken Heart can only be truly seen
By the Broken Hearts that choose to be.

Carefully chosen words, with great impact. This is Wordsponge. Someone to follow on Instagram.


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