Broken promises

Broken promises
False promises and the realisation that you aren’t that strong. This is what the poem "Broken promises" is all about. Karishma Rana wrote this poem.

False promises and the realisation that you aren’t that strong. This is what the poem Broken promises is all about. Karishma Rana wrote this poem.


About Karishma

Karishma is a 21 years-old student. She studies Medical Biotechnology in Delhi. She lives in Noida. She doesn’t only likes to write. She searches for inspiration by reading books. When she is not busy doing all of that, she dances and acts.

She wants to enjoy life, as she stated: “Life is as exciting as a rollercoaster ride.”

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Ah yes, the troubles we experience in life aren’t something we need. We can do without them. Still, they are there and they may paralyse us at some point. This is what we call the emotional baggage you carry with you. From one point to another. This is what Karishma brings forward in her poem. No, she isn’t the only one to do so. Many poets wrote about those hurtful moments in life. But, she isn’t any other poet. This is Karishma and it is her way to deal with these heartburns.

To use her own words:

“It depicts the strength of a broken soul, who is scattered by the betrayal and all false promises.”

Hurt can be paralysing, but the good part: there is a way to move on. As Karishma shows us in the last sentence of her poem.

Broken promises

Broken promises


Your betrayal chant some black magic on my strength.
Echoes of your harsh words still ringing in my ears.
Trembling hands, wiping away the unshed tears.
A prolonged way, weak knees
Isn’t it difficult to cover?
But this Sun reminds me of my strength.
It sets after a long struggle but never fails to rise.
Still standing ahead of you, just to make you realise want you lost.
No more shedding of pearls.
No more screaming of unnecessary words.
No more unwanted thought.
Just a happy soul, cherished face with new hopes.

Karishma Rana

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Broken promises
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Broken promises
This is her story: one about pain
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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