Buffer or Later?

Buffer or Later?

When you’re the proud owner of a website, you don’t want any hassle when it comes to posting to social media. There are many solutions to post from your website to social media, but most of them are too limited to use the free versions. Buffer and Later are solutions that let you do more, but which one is the best? Buffer or Later?

The original article was published somewhere in 2017 on the website, after a question of one of the visitors. The question was simple:

Hi, I need an option to publish from my WordPress-driven website to social media. There are lots of options, however, not that many allow you to post to Instagram.

Ah yes, Instagram! Remember that they always claimed that this was a mobile experience, thus ignoring what they been offered to companies for a long time; an integration with Facebook Business. Not-so mobile.

The trouble back in 2017 was that many platforms did not have permission to post to Instagram, because of regulations. For some years it was possible to use a so-called API-reference, but Instagram decided to strengthen the security. This didn’t mean the end for many options to post from other platforms to Instagram. It was also the end for those useful apps with what you could find out who was and wasn’t following you (back).

Since then a lot has changed. For instance, The Ministry of Poetic Affairs took a long break (in 2018) and things changed when it concerns posting to Instagram. Not only that, nowadays it’s easier to include Instagram posts into blogs. Before this was not very easy to do.

Instagram, Instagram, Instagram

Yes, it seems that this article is all about Instagram. It’s not. It’s not only Instagram, Instagram, Instagram. You might not even be interested in this social media platform. Keep in mind that there are other sources. However, I assume you’re here to see the Instagram-candy. In other words: to know more about postings from WordPress to Instagram.

Make a choice

It’s time to make a choice. When you take a look at the free packages you will notice that both Buffer and Later offer a free plan. If you check out these plans, you will find out that the free options are somewhat limited:

  • Buffer allows you to connect three social accounts, 10 scheduled posts (per month) and one user.
  • Later allows you to connect one social set (Instagram, Facebook Page, Twitter and Pinterest), 30 scheduled posts (per month) and one user.

When you compare these plans, it’s Later that sticks out because of the number of postings. There is however an option you have to consider when posting from your website to social media.

WordPress and Nelio Content

There’s a good chance you are using WordPress as the content management system (CMS) for your website. Let’s assume that you either paid for a package on WordPress.com or you are hosting your WordPress installation. If so, you can install plugins. One of the plugins to consider is Nelio Content.

With Nelio Content you can post directly to social media. You will use Buffer’s native tools to post to social media. The good part is that you will never have to leave your website to publish to WordPress. The downside is that you need to do something with the redirection to the website.

The problem with posting from WordPress to Instagram is that links don’t work. Instagram doesn’t provide tools to do this, except for the link in your bio. With Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest this isn’t a problem. You can include working links in your postings.

Nelio Content offers a free plan, with limitations to adding social profiles. You need to keep in mind that you still need Buffer. Furthermore, it’s advisable to turn to Facebook Business solutions to make sure automatic postings to Instagram is possible. Buffer will help you with that. When you post something to Buffer, it will ask you if you want to do this automatically from now on. You will then have to attach your Facebook Page to your Instagram profile and making your Instagram a business profile.

Other options to consider

Before Nelio Content, there were a lot of possibilities to choose from. That was before Instagram decided to change the methods of posting. Those that remained changed the options and introduced paid packages. One of these platforms is Social Snap. Instead of posting it from the back-end of your WordPress website, it’s now about sharing using the frontpage.

The other option worth mentioning is Blog2Social. You don’t need the paid version to post to social media, however, the possibilities are limited. The native WordPress plugin allows you to post directly from your WordPress backend.

So, Buffer or Later?

When you’re willing to use another plugin for your WordPress website, install Nelio Content and then use Buffer. This is by far the easiest method.

Buffer or Later as a separate platform, then chose Later, because it allows you to post more content to social media.

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