Buffer or Later?

Buffer or Later?

When you are sharing your poetry on your own website, you don’t want to have a lot of work when it comes to sharing your work on social media. There are several websites that offer you the chance to post your content straight from your website to social media. And yes, this article also includes the option to share your work to Instagram.

What do you need for this?
  • A website that uses WordPress
  • A website that enables you to install plugins for WordPress
  • Social media profiles and especially Facebook pages and an Instagram business account (if you want to publish directly using Buffer or Later)

Everything but Instagram

Publishing your work on any social media platform except Instagram is easy. If you are using a WordPress driven website, it’s possible to share your work with just one click. If you are using the business version of WordPress.com you are also able to install plugins. The free, personal and premium versions don’t offer this.

JetPack is a plugin for self-hosted websites that make sure you can post to several social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. The options to do this are pretty basic. If you want to take it a step further and want to include Instagram, then you must turn to alternative options.

Nelio Content

There are a lot of plugins that claim they can do the magic for you. With the recent changes in the way Instagram lets others use their platform, it’s not easy to rely on just any plugin. There are many plugins that used to work fine, but stopped functioning. It’s pretty much the same with the apps for your smartphone that claim they can see who unfollowed you.

Instagram demands you to post from your smartphone or tablet. Yes, there is a native Windows 10 app in the Microsoft App store, but it won’t let you publish directly from your pc. Nelio Content is a plugin that allows you to publish your work directly from your website. Unfortunately, this seems easy as one, two, three for all social media platforms except – you’ve guessed it – Instagram. But, with a little help from another party, it’s possible.

Nelio Content provides an option to use the free version or subscribe to a paid version. More information about these plans is available on their website. As you can see on the page with all the details of the plans they offer, the free account will do fine. If you want more, the $ 29 is a fair price. Especially when you consider that others demand you to pay more money.

The plugin is available on WordPress.com’s repository with plugins. Unfortunately, you need to be able to install plugins. So any free WordPress.com website won’t allow you to use this plugin.

When you have installed this plugin, all you need to do is to authorize the plugin to post on your behalf. For Instagram, it requires you to register a new account at Buffer. This will make sure you will be able to post directly to Instagram.


The best thing about Buffer is the flexibility this platform offers. You don’t need to publish your work directly. You can even set up a time when your post will be scheduled. A free account enables you to connect to three different social media accounts (yes, on three different social media platforms). The flavours to chose from are Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Instagram.

Instagram postings can be automated, once you turned your Instagram profile into a business account. Remember, you don’t really have to be a business to use an Instagram business account. Even when you have a Facebook page (different from your own Facebook profile), you can attach this page to your Instagram account. Once this has been done, you can let Buffer post everything automatically. The downside: it doesn’t work for videos (as far as we know it) and images and photos with different sizes still demand you to manually post them to your Instagram profile. With the special app for iOS and Android, it shouldn’t really be a problem.


This platform works the same as Buffer, except there is no WordPress support. That means: there isn’t an official app that provides a solution for posting your work directly from your website to social media. Does this make Later an option to skip? Well, it depends. Later still offers the chance to use the website to publish your work. It also demands that you’ve set up a Facebook page and linked this page to your Instagram business account. Later claimed that they were the first ones to provide automatic posting to Instagram. Unfortunately, the free version only allows you to publish 30 posts per month for all the linked accounts.


Yes, we could have dived deeper into the options to set up your website to post directly to social media. This article was just meant as an introduction. Over the Summer, we will be publishing more articles about (automatic) postings from your WordPress driven website to social media. So, stay tuned.

We can conclude one thing: if you want the best option for your work to be published on social media, consider Nelio Content in combination with Buffer as the way to go.

Buffer or Later?
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Buffer or Later?
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