The poem Burning isn’t your everyday poem. It is all about that insatiable lust and the way it makes one act. This is a poem written by Sinful Poetess.

Ella (Sinful Poetess)
Ella (Sinful Poetess)
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About Ella

Ella uses the pen name Sinful Poetess. This is her creative outlet. During daytime, she works at an Arts University and by midnight she transforms into her role as a poetess. And that is just a fine transformation! As you can see (or read) on her Instagram profile, she publishes a wide variety of poems.

As it comes to who or what influenced her, she is clear:

“I’m inspired by darkness, anti-art, sexual exploration and surrealism.”

These inspirations are all included in her poem Burning.

When asked for her reason to write, she told us that this is her way to get her words out. Transgressive words. This is a somewhat cathartic process and it helps her to heal herself. It also stimulates her creativity even more. Yes, creativity can come from creativity!

Ella publishes her work on Instagram and she is worth to follow.


About Burning

As explained, the poem Burning isn’t your everyday poem. Some people may consider this poem to be explicit. If you are willing to look further, you can notice that this is a masterpiece all about the insatiable lust and the way this manifests itself.

If you have ever been intimate with someone, you will be able to relate to this burning sensation. A sensation that causes you to think in a different way.

The poem is also a mirror. A mirror for those (women) who are afraid of exploration and love. As Ella explained, this poem is also about taking control; about self-ownership. As long as it’s consensual, it’s ok. It’s nothing to be afraid of.




you started
tearing at my seams
soft as silk
hard as lead
you leaned in
and pushed my eyes
into the back of
my head
you held me there
guided the rivers
that ran through me
down into your big palm
only to just
raise your hand to my
and brush my lips
with the taste
and the burn
of my own
and I lapped away
coalescing between
bliss and bite
induced by the
charring heat
between the juncture
of your

Ella (Sinful Poetess)

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It's all about the lust and the way it manifests itself
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