But he just…

But he just...

The American poetess Joniece Jackson wrote down her thoughts about her religious believes. This is her poem But he just…

About Joniece

Joniece lives in Virginia Beach (US). She is an author, investor and entrepreneur. She writes to deal with her anxiety and depression. She has been writing since she was twelve years old. She enjoys playing with words.

I need writing to heal my soul.

Joniece publishes her thoughts on Facebook and Instagram.

About the poem

This poem tells us what it is like for Joniece. She tries to take the right path.


But he just...

But he just…

The devil likes to paint me pictures that those that embrace ignorance and misery,
Are the only ones that get put down in history.
He whispers in my ear to open his box full of trickery,
But I can’t really lie…
It does look so shimmery.
I questioned, I thought,
I even peeked in the mystery.
Such sin so close so far in proximity.
But the devil’s a lie,
“The Good Sin”- Contradictory
But I threw that part in just as an auxiliary.


He tells me they will love me
if I just do one line.
But God gave me a gift,
He said go put it in a rhyme.
My blessings will come but it’s all on His time.
If I just chat with Him
then I know that I’ll be fine,


The devil is dangling a carrot in my face.
They say success is not a race,
But what if I move from home plate
And I can’t keep the pace
Then my moves will be traced,
And I could get replaced,


But if I,
Scream out to God
to just send me his Good Grace,
Then maybe I can make it,
Cause it’s safe on first base.


The devil had tried to steal my own heart.
He gave me false love
cause my soul can’t be bought.
God took me out of school,
Cause Self-Made isn’t taught.
But people don’t want real,
They love little thots.


Ignorance and Misery,
that’s how the devil thrives.
But little do y’all know,
It’s strongest that survive.


The devil just told you
to just keep on scrolling.
But I’ll mind my business
and just keep on rolling .


Joniece Jackson

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