Caffeine love
A poem submitted to us by Ankit (The Drunk Pen Official) for our October Poetry Challenge about coffeee. You can also enter this challenge!

The first October Poetry Challenge we launched is about coffee. We dare you to write about coffee in any way you can! Ankit wrote a poem on this subject, entitled Caffeine love.

About the poem

“The poem is about the feeling a morning encompasses. The fresh vibrant vibes that a morning exudes have been given an erotic touch of lovemaking. There is an analogy here between ‘her’ and ‘coffee’ and the way coffee and it’ various forms (her being) awakens our senses. And how every morning, we leave back our old selves and usher in a new us and that the existence of a significant other (her) also inspires you to be a better version of you every day.”

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Caffeine love

Caffeine love

Sunlight filters in through the cracks
Blowing life into moribund reflections
Birds chirp and sing their happy song!
As the rays illuminate your porcelain

You rain over me like clouds
that burst in the rainforests of the Amazon
You smell like freshly ground coffee beans
like those injecting life into the forlorn

Your lips taste like espresso
lustrous locks dripping of vanilla scent
As we make love in the warm sheets
I realize there’s not a thing to repent

Your neck fragrant like dark mocha,
I lose myself whilst nibbling on it…
As you clench down there it splashes wet,
like shades of latte throwing a fit!

With every thrust, we sweat sweet,
subtle layers of hot cappuccino…
Till we explode surrendering to our senses,
like mindless winds gusting in El Nino

Ankit / The Drunk Pen Official

October Poetry Challenge: Coffee

In October we launched two Poetry Challenges. One is about fear and the other one is about coffee.

Caffeine love
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Caffeine love
A poem submitted to us by Ankit (The Drunk Pen Official) for our October Poetry Challenge about coffeee.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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