It has been a while since we’ve heard from Zac Brown. This American poet sends us another poem entitled Can’t. This poem tells you, that things are possible once you stop to deny.


About Zach

Since it has been a while that we published work of this American poet, it’s time to refresh your memory. Who is Zac?
His mission is to become a cancer researcher. Therefore he studies Biochemistry. His life hasn’t always been easy for him. He was forced to left his home when he was eighteen-years-old. After a year, he decided to enlist in the military. This made it possible for him to save money to attend a public university. It shows that Zach is determined to “go somewhere.” It shows his strength. It also shows determination.

When it comes to poetry: we published some work of him before. Work that stood out. Work that was worth to promote. These were all the basis of his poetic journey that started six years ago. It wasn’t until 2017, that he finally decided to go public. This was a good decision, given the fact that he published beautiful poetry. Poetry that is inspired by his own experiences or his view of the world we live in. Still, it is a struggle for him:

“The experience of going public has made me grow exponentially. It really is a battle. The threat lies between feeling too vulnerable to truly write from the heart and just writing for money. I have learned how hard it is to stay motivated and write from the heart in spite of the vulnerability. However, when I think of death, it’s so freeing. I’m going to die and I may be aware of it someday, while it’s happening and I think it would feel magnificent if I thought about how I fought to be myself… and in that, I believe I would have ultimately won the battle.”

About Can’t

What is this poem about? Can’t is something that holds you back. It’s the way to say something isn’t possible. Is it really true? Is it really something that holds you back? Zac has the following to say about his poem:

“This poem is about the everlasting concept of denying the ability to accomplish things. I believe the word is sometimes used as an excuse, backed by an insecurity and a demon lurking in the cerebral. I believe in the one month rule. Try something for thirty days before giving in to a lack of ability; I’d say chances are you haven’t developed an ability… or ‘unlocked’ it. “



“Can’t” holds a demon that transpires,
He nestles in the ”c”, so dastardly,
He’ll slow you down, he’ll make a fire,
Then he’ll rest his feet up bastardly.
A tip for you and a tip for me,
Kick that “t” out recklessly,
Tell him you don’t like him,
Say you want him gone – off a whim.Smother the fire, watch smoke clear!
He’s coughing, wheezing and in fear,
Flick his fingers off the apostrophe,
As he’s falling, just watch with glee!

Step on that damn demon’s doubt,
Don’t fret upon what he talked about,
He said you can’t, he made it his home,
But you burnt it down and crushed all his bones.

Zac Brown



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