Capitalization in poetry

Capitalization in poetry

Remember, poetry is a form of art and therefore sometimes rules don’t apply. But is there really a need to over use capitalization in poetry?

Why do we use capitalization?

Have you ever wondered why people started writing every word with a capital? This we saw at first in the way companies would talk or describe their products. Capitalizing nouns that would describe an important product or feature. Many since then have copied this behaviour. There is nothing wrong with this. But when it comes to poetry, you might want to consider.

This is a very sketchy tip, since poetry is about freedom to write. But over capitalizing is something to reconsider. For instance, if you use a comma: there is no need to start writing a capital on the next line. There isn’t any reason to do so. A capital on a new line suggests there is part doesn’t belong to the sentence anymore.

Okay, okay, a bit sketchy this tip. Maybe it’s better to talk about something else that is very, very, very important. As I was reviewing a poem written by someone, I noticed that the writer did not use a spelling checker after writing. There is nothing wrong with skipping this, but when it leads to words that don’t really get the message across, then a spelling check is really necessary.

Again, I have to be careful what I write. Some of the poems that are sent contain slang. So, the usage of certain words might be okay then. If you are in doubt, do consult the spelling checker of your desktop computer or smartphone. If there is still doubt, we can advise you further. This is also what we do. This doesn’t mean you are not good at writing poetry. Consider us the editors for your work. This service we can still offer for free. So, why not benefit from this. We love to help writers who are stuck out.

There is something that is definitely worse that capitalizing the first letter of the words you are writing. That is capitalizing the whole poem. Did you know, in the online world capitalization is considered to be rude and is being compared with shouting? SO, STOP DOING THIS!

That’s it for now. If you have a great tip for other writers / poets, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to publish your thoughts.

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