The poem Captured (written by Jennifer Schwartz) is about her view on poetry. It’s her own therapeutic form of expression. This is a poem about some soul searching.

Jennifer Schwartz
Jennifer on Instagram – a visit to Paris (France) in 2009.

About Jennifer

On Instagram you can find Jennifer under the pen name jennifer.schwartz_poet. This poetess calls herself a word magician, book and film lover, photograpger, singer and animal lover.

Her first poem on her social media account was posted in February 2017. This was a screenshot of a poem that got featured in The Salmon Creek Journal. From that moment, we were able to see more of her work on her Instagram profile. She uses bright colours as a background for her work. Work that in many cases consists of more than one stanza and strikes out by the carefully selected words and phrases.

According to Jennifer, poetry is her own therapeutic form of experession. She feels this is her way to connect to the world. The world of Jennifer is more than poetry, since she is a social rights advocate and writes fantasy novels (and poetry of course).

About Captured

This poem is the anticipation, the longing, the need or the wish. This is poetry in a most true form, where the poetess takes a stand – showing herself to the world. This takes courage, for not only finding these words inside herself, but also share them with the rest of the world.

If this is the therapeutic expression that Jennifer hinted to in her description to this poem and herself, than she managed to do some serious soul searching. The reader can only think of one thing: let her be the book, the watch, the martini glass and the lips that will be kissed. Writing such beautiful words is love poetry as it should be! We can only look forward to read more of her poems.

Now you be the judge! 



By Jennifer Schwartz

I wanted to be your favorite book
Re-read and explored once again
Yet I am just the mailed flyers
You discard without a second

I longed to be the gold watch
Wrapped around your wrist
Guiding your every move
But I never creep into your

I have craved to be the sleek martini glass
Resting in your time-halting hands
To reach those lips that speak of
Moonlit nights and ruby promises
Yet they always swim to another

So for now, I navigate these waters
Waiting until you see my flare of love
Then rescue me from the dark abyss

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