Castles in the wind

Castles in the wind

Building walls or breaking them down. It is an important source of inspiration for poets to write about. So did Ejiofor Henry with his poem Castles in the wind.

About the poem

It’s focused on the walls we’re almost forced to build in our friendships, our relationships and with ourselves; areas in our lives that matter to us. And a reminder that it’s only natural that we do…But it’s detrimental if we stay behind them too much.

We published another poem written by Ejiofor earlier on our website. If you aren’t following this talented poet from Nigeria yet, you should do this today. Click here for his Instagram account.

Castles in the wind

Castles in the wind

By Ejiofor Henry (Tyler Heinz)

Does anyone else ever feel
A deep hollow so surreal
Engraved to their beating chests
Or the boundless inner depths
From whence comes their soul and will
Or whatever causes them to feel;
Why are we sad when we lose
The ones we don’t even think to choose
To be with or have understood
Or is it just that we’re doomed
To never find
The right words to ever bind
The heavy grief that mutes our minds
At sad farewells and goodbyes?
Or what happens to the connection

After feelings are spoken of
Or what ruins
the affectionate love songs
After the strings
Have long been strung
Or why, for the love of God
Do we fuss
Right after we’ve ignored
For far too long
Then get hurt
When they move on
Why do we shut out the world
With castle walls high and strong
Only to realize
That we’ve neither great doors
Nor royal gates
Or man servants, but only flaws
To serve us
Within these castle walls
And the enemy we should have locked
Sits upon these false thrones with us

And grins back each time we gaze
Upon our very reflections.

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