A new poem written by Naziawrites. A poet worth to follow on social media. She writes to express herself.

About the poet

My name is Nazia Ahmed and I am from New Delhi, India. I am an aspiring novelist

Writing had always been a passion and a way to express myself. I write because I am



By Naziawrites


I take a whiff & glance out

Of my multi coloured window

Blow smoke rings into the air

And stare some more


The city sleeps beneath me

I look out & feel the gentle upheavals

Unknown fragrance of the night air

Amazing what nicotine does to you

Neon lights fill the night

Playing the tic tac toe game

An occasional chord or two flow in

And the persistent car horn

I feast on the energy of the night

And take another drag

Nameless crowd shift positions

Some stay..Some move away!

Up above in my tower

I muse

Crush the cigarette butt with my heel

And light another one!


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