A poem written by Salim Sulaiman Liman from Nigeria: "Circle"

The Nigerian poet Salim Sulaiman Liman has a problem. He wants to talk to people. Not just those who surround him, but to the rest of the world. He therefore uses the power of poetry, to send out his message. This is his message, his poem – Circle.

Salim Sulaiman Liman
Salim Sulaiman Liman Source: Instagram

About Salim

He is nineteen years old and lives in Nigeria. He writes poetry, because he wants to get his message across. He calls it a “problem”, we rather call it creativity and the ability to write beautiful poetry. He also uses words of others, but in a good way: he quotes them on his Instagram page. This makes his page a combination of his own words and words that inspire him to write poems such as Circle.

About Circle

The reason to write this poem was “nothing more” than a day that seemed to be happy, but ended when night fell. This poet feels the need to become whole again, during the nightly hours. Will he ever be? A struggle imaginable for anyone with a broken heart.

As Salim sees it, he must complete a circle – over and over, again.




No matter what side we choose, these two are one and an
essential balance, like the Yin and Yang circle with path
our hearts must revolve completely again, again, and again.
Wholly, I accept sorrow as much as I accept joy, denying me
state in one is equally as denying a part of me.
All around me and inside me from the songs I love: both cold
Scottish folks and dance floors. Even in my memories, both
sweet and blue ones and to all that I am made of; from me
own skin to my naked soul… they lay there.

Oftentimes, sombreness enfolds me. My dear heart one among the
rest with tenderness capable of pain, causing my night to fade
sitting on my old bed, lost in my mind – a maze of thoughts and
trying to ink all that ache and to get
drink in thy beloved poetry.

Salim Sulaiman Liman

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