The poet Young Sokka wrote the poem Clouded. Inspired by oldskool hiphop, this poet started writing poetry.

About the poet

I am a 21 year old design student, who always loved oldskool hiphop. It were artists like Tupac, who made me study poetry. The collection of poems written by him with the title The rose that grew from concrete is still a great source of inspiriration for me. Other rap artists and Dutch poets inspire me.

At one point, I thought about a career as a rap artists. I decided to write poetry, because I love the power of written words.

When I can bring my feelings forward through characters and signs, my mission is complete. With my poetry, I want to reach out to people – young people- to use their heads instead of violence. That is something that rap artists don’t always do.

You can follow this talented Dutch poet on Instagram: Young Sokka.


By Young Sokka


When your mind is in doubt
Also doubt every word spoken
For your mind might be clouded
But your heart does not have to

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