A poem that was inspired by both the wisteria and the neighbor of Camille Cook. She wrote the poem Cody, that we love sharing with you.

Camille Cook on InstagramAbout the poet

Camille shares her poetry Instragram, where she uses the pen name I will never be your girl.

I’ve been writing poetry since I was a young teen.  It’s always been my way to express myself and share my feelings with others.  I’m bipolar, and I find that my strong emotions actually help me put my feelings into words.  Writing is therapy for me that I enjoy sharing with others.

About the poem

The poem is actually very personal.  I wrote it about my next door neighbor and friend who loved wisteria, and he died before they blossomed again. We live on a small private fishing lake and he drowned not long ago.

The wisteria vines grew on the fence between our houses.  He drowned in the lake in January,  so I’m still very much grieving his death.  I cared for him deeply. If you want to title the poem, as it doesn’t have one, it should be titled Cody.

The sad truth behind a beautiful written poem. This is the type of poetry that people often refer to, when they call it art. We call it art as well. This is a poem, a form of art, written straight from the heart.


By Camille Cook



I remember when
I found out
You loved Wisteria
Just like me
And I had plans
The next time they bloomed
To pick a boquet
And set it lovingly
Underneath one of your trees
Then this Spring came
And everything is so different
Than the year before
I saw only one Wisteria on the vine
And you aren’t here anymore.


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