Coffee talks to me

The Dutch poetess Sanne tagged us on Instagram in her poem Coffee talks to me. This is another submission for our October Poetry Challenge about coffee. You can still enter this challenge by submitting your work to us.

About the poetess

Sanne lives in Bern, but is of Dutch roots. She recently started writing again, after what she defined as a troublesome period.

“I recently started writing again. Picking up the pen. Not as much as I want to, due to circumstances. But, I will get there… where that may be.

This poetess publishes her work on the social medium Instagram, like many poets do.

About the poem

The poem Coffee talks to me is about, what she calls, a delightful feeling. There is also a metaphor included about her own life. Those little voices:

“Coffee reflects my own mind. It talks to me, with those little voices. Voices that warn you about things, but also tell you about wonderful things. It’s okay, as long as you not listen to them when they say ‘jump. That is one advise not to follow.”

My coffee talks to me

Coffee talks to me

My coffee
talks to me

Drink me to the last drop
carefully placing your lips on top
Come on and drink me
until I am no longer free

Please -please me
Don’t drink tea
Instead, drink me

Cup of me at the daybreak
Drink me, when eating cake
All day long, drink me until I am gone
to scare the yawn

My coffee
talks to me


Your poem about coffee

Can you do the same as Sanne did? Send us your poem! Read more about the October Poetry Challenge: Coffee.

My coffee talks to me
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My coffee talks to me
A poem written for the October Poetry Challenge about coffee by Sanne
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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