Colors, divinely

Colors, divinely

Nature is a great source of inspiration. The Dutch city of Leiden is also a great source of inspiration to write about. This time, it’s a poem about the beauty of nature in one of the oldest European botanical gardens: The Hortus Botanicus.

One of the green houses of The Hortus Botanicus in Leiden
One of the green houses of The Hortus Botanicus in Leiden

The Hortus Botanicus

In the city of Leiden (Netherlands), you can find the Hortus Botanicus. This botanical garden is part of the Leiden University. This garden is the oldest botanical garden in The Netherlands. The history dates back to the sixteenth century and was established to benefit medical students. The first prefect of this garden was Carolus Clusius (Charles de l’Ecluse).

In this garden, you can find flowers and plants from all over the world. You can read more about the Hortus Botanicus on the website of the Leiden University.

About Colors, divinely

The poem leans on a photograph taken in 2016. There were some raindrops left on a flower.  My son pointed out this flower and said I needed to make a photo of this beautiful flower. More than a year later, this lead to the poem Colors, divinely. About nature’s colors and the inspiration this gives. Divine colors!

Colors, divinely

By Harm

Colors, divinely


Traces of rain
on a flower
It’s plain
to see
this was part of
a natural shower
Drops of love
from clouds
kissing beauty
lifting shrouds
showing meaningly
colors, divinely.

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