Columbian Mistress

Columbian Mistress

Such enthusiasm! The way Luiz Syphre submitted his poem can only be described as full of enthusiasm. He wrote the poem Columbian Mistress. We are more than happy to promote his work!

About the poet

Luiz Syphre lives in Los Angeles. It is actually a pen name. The name refers to the movie Angel Heart staring Robert de Niro. De Niro plays the devil in an human body and uses the name Louis Cipher (Lucifer). The name was altered a little bit and the pen name was born. He assured us it was just a joke and not a demonic statement.

About four months Luiz started writing what he called more serious. He can be followed on Google+ and Instagram.


Columbian Mistress

By Luiz Syphre


Columbian Mistress

Boiling coffee
come expeditious
burn my palate
ash her so vicious
mistresses kisses
sweet and delicious
thoughts of us
pleasures malicious

Bitter coffee
make her fictitious
anti her venom!
snake fangs flirtatious
innocence gone
older man ambitious

Strong coffee
I dream her vivacious
keep me awake!
avoid all suspicious
one with her
my only wish is

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