Column: I was going to review some free software for Mac OS X

Fully committed to writing an article with some tips for free software for Mac OS X, Harm Jagerman did not decide to do this. Instead, he introduced something new on our website: a column. In our columns, we will focus on everything that is related to poetry. The good news: you can send in your columns as well!

I was going to review some free software for Mac OS X

Column: I was going to review some free software for Mac OS X

Recently, I was faced with a problem. My Dell Vostro laptop died on me. This best friend needs repairing; unfortunately, there is neither the time nor the money to do this. Unless I can find someone who will do this for free, but until now there wasn’t anybody who volunteered.

As I was deciding what to do next, my significant other made me an offer. She told me, I could use the old MacBook she used. This was a model from the year 2012.

In 2012, the world was completely different. During the first months of this year, Instagram was still an independent company (it was bought by Facebook in 2012). Not many of us used Instagram for promoting poetry. The Ministry of Poetic Affairs wasn’t even “born” yet. Some of us still used featured phones, instead of smartphones. And there was Apple, who introduced this MacBook that I am now using. Apple also launched the iPhone 5 this year. Can you even remember this?

As I needed a mobile device, other than a tablet (because a tablet isn’t the real thing as it comes to image editing and writing). At first, I must admit it seemed like such a good idea. Apple is supposed to be better when it comes to user design and graphical options… Boy, I was mistaken!

As I started the computer, I noticed that it quite slow. Well, as a former IT technician, I should be able to solve this, right? I found that Apple may use UNIX as a layer for their operating system, but it is nearly impossible to work around what I call the closed source. The installation of software may seem very nice; just dragging and dropping your software. Removal of this software that is a different story. You can remove the unwanted software from the Applications folder, but it seems that not everything is removed. In order to do this, you need additional software. As for Linux and Windows, this software isn’t really needed. Removal issues are less complicated.

As I was struggling to get new software installed, the system was forcing me to use the newest version of Mac OS X. I tried three times to install High Sierra, all with the same result: none. Finally, I was fed up and decided to use Linux on this Mac Book. Another disappointment, since not all the hardware of this MacBook, is fully supported. Then I turned to Windows. I used Bootcamp to install Windows 7 and moved on to Windows 10. Unfortunately, Windows 10 was giving me another hard time, with the software to use the card reader. When taking photos, you do want to read from an SD card, right?

Finally, I decided to reset the MacBook completely. I reinstalled Mac OS X and upgraded to High Sierra. Afterwards, I used Bootcamp to install Windows 7. Yes, I know, not the most recent operating system. It seems to be better for this MacBook. Better than High Sierra. I was waiting for about five minutes to start a basic application as Libre Office. When using Windows on this MacBook, it was just a matter of seconds.

So, I was going to surprise all of you with a stunning article with some good tips for free software for writers designed to work on a MacBook. I gave up, really I do.

The good news is that I had the time to think about new features on our website. I came up with one: columns. Do you want to write about something that is related to poetry, but isn’t “strictly” poetry, we offer the chance to tell us your story.

Column: I was going to review some free software for Mac OS X
lukasbieri / Pixabay

As for the Mac-software review… the only app I can really recommend at this time is the app Pages. It can be downloaded from the App Store. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any time left to write about other Mac OS X apps… Maybe you want to inform us? Go ahead; we look forward to your reviews!

Harm Jagerman


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