Come close

Come close is the result of some motivation to start writing poetry. A friend of the poetess Khadija convinced her not only to keep on writing but also to start a social media profile. On this social media profile, you can find her work. This poem tells us (or warns us) about the darkness inside all of us.

Come close
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About Khadija

Khadija uses the pen name De JayWalker. She writes for as long as she can remember. It took quite some time before she was comfortable to publish her work on social media. We see this happening to a lot of poets. They need to be convinced to publish their work because of the (false) belief the work they write isn’t good enough.

It was a friend of Khadija who gave her the confidence she needed. She hopes that people can relate to her words. Are you interested in more of her work? Visit her Instagram profile!

About Come Close

Self-reflection seems to be trending nowadays. Many poets take the time to share their inner thoughts with us. Some of the work contain warnings, while others contain a word of advice. There are other poems, such as Come close, that inspire you to think. Yes, this poetess tempts you to check if there is really a demon and if it’s really caged. There is darkness inside all of us, according to Khadija and we need to deal with this. Controlling this darkness seems to be essential or is it? Will it ever work? So many questions, just when you read this poem! That is the true beauty of poetry!

On daily basis, we fight these demons. It can be the self-love we ignore or the constant bullying or whatever will keep you up during the night. Khadija challenges you to reconsider the possibility that these dark thoughts are safely put away. Are they? And, more important, what can be the trigger to show them to the rest of the world?

Come close

Come close
and taste my darkness
Let yourself savour its flavour
Come close
and look into my eyes
and see the demon caged
Come close
and let it whisper to you
Whispers of mockery, loathing and anguish
Come close
and feel its pain
Pain inflicted to it by its own thoughts
Come close
read the thoughts
Thoughts of destruction, love and betrayal
Come close
and look at me
and tell if the demon is really caged?

Khadija / De JayWalker


Come close
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Come close
There is darkness inside everyone of us
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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