Consumed by an emotion

He doesn’t really give his poems titles, as many other poets do. When asked what his work is about, his answers are clear but short. This is the poem he published on June 17th. We call it Consumed by an emotion, based on the first line of the first stanza.

About the poem

When we asked Silent Suicide Poetry what the poem was about, he gave the following answer:

It explores my feelings starting with my main feeling to my third. Sort of like a guide that tells you how I tick.

You can follow this talented poet on Instagram: Silent Suicide Poetry.

Consumed by an emotion

By Silent Suicide Poetry

Consumed by an emotion

Consumed by an emotion
As emotion known as rage
Inside causing a commotion
Whilst I’m trapped in my own cage

Devoured by my depression
The sadness that that eats away
My life a state of regression
My mind a state of decay

From my hate I get my power
A sort of will to carry on
I will not run, I will not cower
Until all of my enemies are gone

Now you see the feelings
All trapped inside of me
Padding out the glass ceilings
Fearing I’ll never be free.


This poet openly writes about his depression. He told us earlier, that it helps dealing with the situation he is in. Depression is a serious illness. It’s nothing compared to the flu. It’s nothing compared to cancer. It’s depression.

We all feel the need to compare situations or diseases. In the case of depression, there isn’t just one type. Just the same as the days of those who go through these depressions can live each day differently.


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