Convenient, isn’t it?

Convenient isn't it?

Convenient, isn’t it? is a protest against so called circumstances instead of character. This poem is written by Kautilya Nishant.

About the poet

His name is Kautilya Nishant and he describes himself as a tireless seeker of knowledge and an occasional purveyor of wisdom. Recently he started working as a systems engineer for a multinational. He also likes to travel and during these trips, he shoots photos that are used in several magazines.


Apart from being a techie, I have keen interest in Scientific Research, Sketching, and Write-ups. I have published research journals in Science, and have published several Write-ups and Artworks.

Why do I write? For me writing is a means to vent out what my infinite mind dwells upon. A way out of the cacophony and boredom of everyday life. It’s like a medium that enables me to share my experiences and perception of life with others.

P.s. I am still learning new things 🙂

Good to know, Kautilya!

About the poem

If someone else does something, they are able to say that this is part of some circumstances. When another does the same thing, it is character. With this tought someone can justify and find a reason to get away with certain actions.

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Convenient isn’t it?

By Kautilya Nishant

Convenient isn't it>

If someone else does it, it’s their character
when we do, it’s circumstance
convenient, isn’t it?

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