This is a motivational poem. This is the poem Courage. For those who need it. 

About Courage

Courage is not about physical strength. There is so much more. This poem is for those, who are in doubt.Motivation and inspiration are two subjects many poets write about – including Harm Jagerman. Harm is one of the editors of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs. He writes poetry on almost daily basis; in Dutch and English.



By Harm Jagerman


What is courage you ask
It is not about physicial
The given task
to show courage
is not hard at all

Courage my friend
is stepping off paved paths
and hold on to the end
Letting go of wrath
and showing kindness to who
deserves your smile so true

Is that a problem to show the world
that you cannot be taken for granted?
Make yourself unfurled
from hate and anger and you will be awarded
with the same kindness you give
for as long as you live

Do you believe I am babbling
Taking in the tongue of Babylon?
A language so puzzling?
Realise this, there are battles to be won
This will not be easy
Do grant yourself that amnesty
of a burden, a chain
And step off the path – beyond the pain

Have you been hurt a lot
Even when you’ve asked God,
not to have to drink from this poison cup —
not even one sup

I see your hurt, even when I can’t see
I hear your cries, even when I can’t hear
Let us agree,
that seeing and hearing
doesn’t mean I am not here
Here where you are – so I am not apologizing,
I am applauding
for every step you take – these are hard
But you are a diehard
One that falls and fails
and in the end prevails

Bottom line of this poem:
You are awesome
Yes you are, don’t argue with me
I refuse to see
things differently.

And yes my friend, you are courageous
and your business
is to leave anyone who thinks otherwise simply breathless.

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