Creativity thrives

Creativity thrives

Friday is the day of the week to let my creativity flow. I reserve time every Friday morning to do some brain storming. Creativity thrives on these mornings. At least, that is what I like to believe for myself.

How important is this time for me? As a writer and photographer, it’s essential to collect some time to do some thinking about creative processes. Or maybe it’s just to calm my mind.

This morning I had a good morning. Instead of thinking too much, I launched a new website (Dutch only, sorry). But the trouble is, this took up so much time, that I didn’t get the chance to really write for The Ministry of Poetic Affairs. Still, creativity thrives. That is what this poem is all about.


Creativity thrives!

Creativity thrives

By Harm

It boils, it wants to get out
A sense of excitement, without a doubt!
Creativity thrives!

I embrace my creativity
while caressing it as little child
It’s such a festivity!
But sometimes it’s drives me wild

I need to think things over,
how not to fall down
and see this creativity of me, without a frown
not as a hostile takeover

Breath in, breath out,
just relax and go about
the things I want to do,
and even need to!

This is me, consulting my soul
to find out how my creativity can thrive
Without it being a heavy toll,
for then I wouldn’t be able to survive

Think, think, think,
Slow steps or just running ahead
with just one blink
I fall down, going mad

Take it easy, just relax
Go back to where you came from
do it again, creating new tracks
All for a creative outcome.

So, question to you: what about your creativity? Care to share some thoughts on this issue?

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