Crowned by flowers

Crowned by flowers

The poem Crowned by flowers, written by Veronika Purplesfinx is about the role of dreamers, who avoid the sinful aspects in their life. This makes them a kind of fairytale heroes.

About the poem

Veronika had the following to say about the motivation to write this poem.

In this poem I am contemplaiting about the role of pure dreamers, who avoid sinful aspects in their lives and become somekind of heroes from fairy-tales. They are rare, honest and loving. Nature and true humanity dwell in their mind and make them blessed.

And I really like such people, they believe in magic and goodness. I want to show how much I believe in happiness for those, that they will be rewarded for their child-like, but very important for me belief, in Miracles.

They seem powerless but the strenght is on the kindest’s side.

As she does very often – and very good- she made the illustration for this poem herself. You can see and read more on Instagram, where she uses the pen name V.Purplesfinx.

Crowned by flowers

By Veronika Purplesfinx

Crowned by flowers

His head is crowned by big sunflowers;
He’s dancing in fields alone again;
The boy is dreaming of fairies as lovers…
Emotions – that’s what has made him insane.
Once, as a kid, he couldn’t stop watching
How gracefully butterflies with him fly.
No matter how feeling abandoned was frightening
A hope to be happy in peace – didn’t die.
And even if now a child of a legend
Is lonesome… You will never read
That one day he faded and it was the end.
Such lie! He’ll to glory us lead.
The lad who hears music to others unknown,
He breaths with emotions that silly can’t live with.
We call him of Galaxies Son,
He owns a heart that humanity misses.


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