The poem Crusade is a modern-day tale about a witch hunt. Nowadays, all it takes is a mobile phone, to crucify a woman. This is the intense, but true poem written by the American writer and poetess Brianna Crinite.

Brianna Crinite
Brianna Crinite
Source: Instagram.

About Brianna

The American writer and poetess Brianna Crinite lives together with her husband Kaleb and her (black) cat Netti in the city of Las Vegas (Nevada, US). She finished her study in Creative Writing at the College of Southern Nevada.

When Brianna is not writing, she likes to take photographs.

Her work, she shares on social media: Facebook and Instagram. One sees immediately, that this is a creative person, who shares the most beautiful work with the rest of the world. She writes under the pen name Creatively Crinite.

About Crusade

Witch hunts, they have been going on for centuries. In history thousands of women have been wrongly accused of things they did not do or their actions were interpreted wrongly. This lead to the ultimate way to find out, if these women were witches. Death by water, death fire, death by stoning. Examples so horrific, that at some moment, people said it was enough. But was it really over?

Social media plays an important role, these days, in our lives. We all know the numerous examples of women that are accused through social media. False accusations, hate and bullying. Examples of what social media should not be about. This isn’t social. As a company that thrives on social media, we can only agree with this strong poem written by Brianna. We see a world, where it is still so easy to accuse someone of doing things they didn’t or interpreted something that isn’t there. Also, the moments that should be considered private should stay that way.

Here is what the poetess herself has to say about this poem:

In the past, all it took was someone’s word, to create a mob, & ultimately crucify a woman because they didn’t like something about her. Metaphorically, it still happens today: modern witch hunts.

Just like many of her other poems, this is a strongly written, emotional poem. It shows the world, that there are dark sides to this thing called social media. We strongly believe, that Brianna has marked an open wound, that some of us really don’t like talking about. Therefore, it’s good that this poetess does.




Tie me to the pyre,
controlled by jealousy and fear.

I am not afraid of fire,
even as my time draws near.

Gather the crowd
to help strike your matches;
without me, you’re still second best.

Burn me down
and scatter my ashes;
let the wind carry the rest.

Creatively Crinite


The image that we have used, is taken by Brianna. She likes taking portraits. This is a fine example of her work. The model, in case you are wondering is Erica. This photo was published with consent of Brianna.


Are you the victim of a crusade, hate or bullying? There are solutions. First of all: talk to this with the ones you love. Explain what is going on, no matter how hard this will be. From there on, decide your further actions. Some of the actions on social media aren’t always legal. Consider legal counseling when you are faced with these actions.

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