Cup of grief

Shubham Goel wrote the poem Cup of grief. It’s his view on life and how important it is. He submitted his poem using our online form.

About the poem

It gives you an optimistic perspective of looking at life. Telling you that life is only a mix and match of everything. You have to deal with every shade of it.
You can read more of Shubham’s poems at his Instagram page.

Cup of grief

By Shubham Goel

“I’d like a sip from this cup”, he said
“Oh no, my dear,
you wouldn’t want to.
This is the cup of grief,
With every sip you take
You drink millions of tears”


“Yes, my dear, tears.
Tears of fear
That haunts your dreams.
Tears of silence
That make you weak.
Tears of sadness
That we all surround.
Tears of mercy
That we seek around.

“Tears of glory
When you win your fear.
Tears of strength
You find within, oh dear.
Tears of joy
That we all surround.
Tears of love
That we seek around.”

“You see the world
So colourful,
But all we see,
Are shades of gray.
Dying through
The mournful nights,
What is it
That makes you stay!?”

“I do see the world colorful,
Colours that keep changing
From shades of red, blue and gray.
I die through the mournful nights,
To smile in the blissful mornings.
It isn’t my love for life
Or fear of death
But a hope to find happiness
Amidst the shrouded sadness
That makes me stay!”

All in unison,
“Let’s drink from this
Cup of grief
Let’s drink our tears
For the time has come
When we live and cheer!”

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