Dare to Dream

Life has its flaws. It has its ups and downs. According to the Indian poetess Rinki Tiwari, nothing is permanent. There is always a way out or new options to explore. She has but one advice for us and it’s the same as the title of the poem she submitted to us: Dare to Dream.

Rinki Tiwari
Rinki Tiwari
Source: Kites N Roses

About the poetess

She writes poetry on Instagram and she blogs on Blogspot.com. She likes writing and listening to music (also a form of poetry). She feels the need to write because it helps her to explore herself and find out what her desires are. It’s also a way to showcase her creativity. But most of all, there is another reason:

“Writing makes me happy.”

Rinki can be herself, when she writes.

About Dare to Dream

Life is filled with surprises. Some of them are wonderful, others aren’t. According to Rinki, nothing is permanent. That’s the message she wants to bring forward:

“This poem tells us that no matter how much trouble there may be in life, we should never stop dreaming. I never did. I still dare to dream. “

Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream

The Child within me sometimes wonder
what would be my life’s scheme
my inhibitions cause a great barrier
Still, I Dare to Dream.
Surrounded by the narrow thoughts and minds
I have no positive beam
sometimes my mind and soul are at a loss
Still, I Dare to Dream.
Plenty years of life have passed
which I cannot redeem
Life is always at stake
Still, I Dare to Dream.
No Matter what, I try to be unflappable
In every crisis, I try to gleam
“Be Positive” is my motto
And that’s what helps me to Dare to Dream !!! 
Rinki Tiwari




Dare to Dream
Article Name
Dare to Dream
A poem that must inspire to never stop to dream
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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