Dark Shadow

Dark Shadow

She writes poetry to reveal her most deepest thoughts. Thoughts that she calls her secrets. They normally remain untold, until the moment she starts writing poetry. This is the poem Dark Shadow, written by Agatha Nagisa from Indonesia.

About Agatha

She described herself as a simple girl, that is trying to share or describe what is on her mind. One day, she hopes to become a poet.

The poems she writes are inspired by things she experienced or saw. From the things she saw on the street to the biggest things, for instance the galaxy.

Why does she write?

I write poetry to reveal my secrets that remain untold. I’m not really good at telling people what I actually feel, I just write it down and the voices in my head, starting? to be quite.


Agatha shares her work on Instagram.

Dark Shadow

Dark Shadow

By Agatha Nagisa

I let you in.
I let you stay.
Touch me
and I’m trapped.
The jar- full of lies.
Your eyes- ah.

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