Das Experiment

Das Experiment

For those who are willing to experiment, there is a good chance the outcome is already something that should be clear enough. Read Veronika Sivka’s advise in her poem Das Experiment.

About Das Experiment

For those of you, who aren’t familiar with the German language: Das Experiment is the same as The Experiment. In this poem, Veronika brings forward one important message: yes, you can give advise and pretend to be smart, but in fact, we aren’t. We can only give this smart advice to others, not to ourselves. That is something we don’t seem to understand.

Another important message she wants to bring forward: it’s not always a good idea to listen to your heart. Use ratio to make the right decisions.

Das Experiment

Das Experiment

You can give them advice and act all smart,
Then get upset when they make things worse,
Only because they didn’t listen to you.
But if the situation was reversed,
You know damn well, you too,
Would listen to no one but your stupid heart.

Veronika Sivka



It’s good to know, that we gave advise too. We advised Veronika to add some words to her poem. We rewarded her by creating the image that is based on her original Instagram post.

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Veronika Sivka
Veronika Sivka
Source: Veronika Sivka

Veronika Sivka

Don’t forget to follow Veronika on Instagram. She publishes a nice combination of photos of her personal life and her beautiful poems. Do check out the profile of Life of Lavender on Instagram!

Das Experiment
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Das Experiment
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