Karan Anazhagan wrote the poem Dawn. This poem is about the phases in a girl’s life.

About the poet

My name is Karan Anazhagan. I’m from the city of Bangalore, Karnataka, India and I’m currently pursuing my Engineering degree. The reason that  I’m into these literary works is because I attain the best form of enlightment, that’s when I realised that you don’t require a spiritual guide to show you what’s the right path for you but literature alone can.

About the poem

This poem reflects about the phases of a teenage girl’s life. When she entered adolescence, she was innocent and fragile, but when she reached her late adolescence she gets to know what life actually is. She moves on from being a girl who’s dependent on others to an independent girl.



By Karan Anazhagan


She turned teen with flaunting  looks,
Never less fragile , never less pale.
Fiery heart, smiling face,
Whom to trust , whom to break.
Brother she called, friend she told,
What is the flaw they behold.
Greater mind, stronger heart,
Weaker soul never stood back.

She enlivened into her late adolescence,
Never fragile , never pale.
Truth in love, whilst in vain,
Seeking life, blindly conspicuous.
Humanity, a fraudulent exuberance,
Never existed in the depth of  faith.
Rowing zealously towards hope,
To overcome dark, to reach Dawn.

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