She excused herself for her ramblings, when we asked her for a biography. We found nothing wrong with her words and her explanation of the poem DaydreamersAmy C Poetry. This is a poem written by the English poetess Amy. She publishes her work on Instagram under the pen name .

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About Amy

Amy lives just outside London (UK). She never considered herself to be a writer, until a few years ago. When looking back on her life, she has always been a writer. She wrote poetry since she was only twelve years old. In her twenties, she decided to write prose. Nowadays, she writes poetry with rhyme.

I have lived with anxiety for years and I find that writing is a great release for any thoughts that whizz around in my head. When I turn them into rhyme, I can try to make something beautiful of them.

Indeed, she does write beautiful words! You can stay updated on her work, when following this English poetess on Instagram.


About Daydreamers

It did not take her very long, to write this poem. She explained that she wrote this poem during one of her lunch breaks.

I have a very active imagination and sometimes it is a great hinderance for me. Other times, it is a blessing. The poem is about those times, that we need to just stare out of a window and dream of something else for a moment.

Amy finds these moments to be somewhat like meditation and giving her the energy to get back on track. This helps her to do other tasks.




She’s staring out
the window pane,
she’s oblivious
and dreaming again,
but it’s what keeps her
from going insane.

Amy C. Poetry

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