Death Dances

Death Dances

The Underwater Starz asked us if we could publish the poem Death Dances We are more than happy to share this short poem.

About the poet

The Underwater Starz writes because it’s a good way for expression.

It gives me a way to talk about things without anyone knowing what I’m actually talking about. I’m from a family who does a lot of art that expresses how we feel, I’m not too good at art. I’ve always been good at writing so when I’m so frustrated all I need is paper and words and I don’t have to write them over and over again to get it right. I keep it real.

About the poem

Death Dances is about the lack of guarantee for this life we lead. The ending could either be very near or it will take quite some time.

We could easily die while we are sleeping whenever, and it’s not scary. I see it as beautiful how this world works.

We still hope, The Underwater Starz, will provide us with poetry for a very long time. If you want to follow this poet, click here for the Instagram account of The Underwater Starz.

Death Dances

Death Dances

By The Underwater Starz

Death dances around me at night
sings to me, gives me a fright
Death dances around me at night
will I live or shall I die?

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