It’s not every day that we receive a strong poem about death. This poem is written by Sanya. She gave a good description of her poem.

About the poem

We always think death as a sign of negativity, a sign of negative vibes, a sign of sorrow. But if you think from death’s perspective, he is not that negative. He is not the one who brings sorrow. But, in fact, it takes us to a more beautiful, peaceful and wonderful place full of positivity and positive vibes. Full of enthusiasm. We everyday face death, we everyday cheat it. We everyday overcome it. It is not death that is negative. It is the emotions we have that makes death look negative. If we have accomplished everything in life, we will face death like a hero, but if we have wasted our life, we will beg for death not to take us. But not everybody knows that it is our destiny. Death is inexhaustible. Death is divine. Death is beautiful. Death is peace. And people don’t know this, but death is haunted by humans because of how cruel we are.




By Sanya Badera


He travelled and wondered but he perceived no answers,
Everyone thought he prompted the disasters.


We cheat death every day,
He is the negative one, we say.


The wisest ones are not afraid of death,
The fools say he seized their breath.


I say, death takes us to a place to find peace,
A place where our fears decease.


Why everyone wants him away from them,
Why he is so condemned.


Everyone prospects he is their enemy,
But he is their destiny.


Between his humiliation and indignity,
Lies his inexhaustible divinity.


He knows that possessing your soul is not having fun,
But endeavors it will enter another one.


If we die being thrive,
Death is not the end of our life.


Death didn’t tell anyone,
But he is haunted by humans.


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