Definition of Discussion

Sujit Babul wrote the poem Definition of Discussion. In this poem, he describes what he sees as the ideal scenario for a discussion and how harmony can be reached.


About Sujit

Sujit is an MA student at Delhi University. He studies Philosophy. He believes that written words have power and it is his mission to channel the – sometimes – strong emotions into a poem. It’s like an eternal sea that raises philosophical and mystical waves.

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About Definition of Discussion

In this poem, Sujit took it upon himself to write about this ideal scenario for a discussion. It’s the different point of views that can lead to an argument. From there on, there is the possibility to come to a life of harmony, after – what he describes as – the initial clash.

Definition of Discussion

Definition of Discussion

It’s the beginning of a circus of absurdity
Where multiple arrows,
That is pointless
Collide and collaborate
To construct a space
Where a diversity
Of ideas can cohabitate
With agape galore.

Sujit Babul


The circus of absurdity. That is one way to describe this dynamic world we live in. This circus or this world isn’t something that is far away. It’s everywhere; this is the world you live in. Absurdity isn’t limited to worldly problems or situations. It’s all about these conflicts (Sujit uses the metaphor of the arrows here), that will lead to the creation of something new: a space with diversity. In the end, there is just the need to look beyond. You will be able to see more, to experience new things and to be inspired by new ideas.

In a way, this poem is an open invitation to search for what is new. New isn’t something that is bad. It can be something that can be complementary.

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Definition of Discussion
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Definition of Discussion
How discussion can lead to harmony and new things
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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