Design whatever you want

Design whatever you want

It’s not just a website, it’s a platform. helps you with all your creative solutions or challenges. You can decide if you apply for a free or paid membership. You can design whatever you want, with

Website & app

The search for a tool to create your social media postings can bring you to all sorts of apps and websites. Many of the apps for smartphones have one downside: the immense amount of commercials, that aren’t even remotely related to the software you’re using.


Probably the worst example is an app that The Ministry of Poetic Affairs wrote about a few years ago: PicsArt. Yes, this app is still out there, unfortunately almost everything you want to do demands that you either see commercials not related to the app or a nag screen informing you to subscribe as a paid member.

Since this app was ruined a few years ago, it was time for me to find something else. Preferably something that would save my designs in the cloud and use them on a pc and mobile device. At that time, just when I decided to pause activities of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs (2018), I was working to set-up an online webshop for another company. The company wanted me to create stills for social media as well.

Adobe Spark

First I thought it was a good idea to use Adobe Spark since I was already a user of Adobe Cloud Services. I found Adobe Spark to be good, but some features were missing. Besides that, the app constantly stopped on my smartphone. This was probably caused by something on my side, but I didn’t want to investigate it to the bottom.

A search using Google learned that there are a lot of platforms that offer the same services as Adobe Spark. Many of them demand that you apply for a paid membership to use even the basic services. doesn’t demand this from you.

Free version

The free version of helped me out a lot. With no limitations in the number of designs I made. Yes, some features or designs are only for paid customers. This also applies to the fonts you can use. knows what you need. Different types of images for different types of social media platforms. The days of figuring out the exact measurements for a Facebook cover photo were over with Canva. That also applied to the Instagram Stories. So, it saved me a lot of time and frustration. offers free membership. This allows you to dive into a sea of templates. claims that there are more than 8.000 templates to chose from. I didn’t count them all, so I believe their claim.

You can upload your images, but you can also choose from several thousand photos and images.

There is one advantage to other platforms that offer similar services: there is an app for your smartphone. If you don’t want to use an app, you can do everything from your browser.

Paid memberships

There is an enterprise membership for about 30 dollars (I don’t know the exact conversion rate when you read this article. The amount in Euro is € 27). This is an amount that you pay monthly. The best advantage: you will get unlimited storage.

The Pro-version of their membership has all the features of the free membership included. Furthermore, it includes the ability to remove backgrounds, to upload your fonts and logos.

I know that many of you are here to find out what’s interesting about the free version. Well, there are some interesting features. You can not only download your designs in JPG-format. You can also download them in PNG, and PDF-format.

When it comes to sharing, gives you many options to chose from. You can share the designs to Facebook, Twitter, email or even to your cloud drives. There are even possibilities to print designs. Yes, that last part isn’t free.

The only two services you can link to from your account are Instagram and Mailchimp. I’ve never used the Instagram option, but it allows you to import your Instagram posts. The Mailchimp options are quite good: your designs can be saved to Mailchimp so you can use them in your newsletters.

In conclusion, free membership can bring you not just one step forward with sharing your poems on social media. It’s more like you’ve taken three or four steps.

Design whatever you want…

Find out more about on …. Well, it speaks for itself right…

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