It has been a while since we had the privilege to publish a poem written by Rodrica Butler. It’s time to share the poem Designed.

About Rodrica

Rodrica is a published writer and shares her poems on Instagram. Her book This life is available on Amazon.

About Designed

The theme that Rodrica uses is as old as the world. Well, as old as humans started thinking about the possibility that there is “something” divine. The moment people began to worship their god or gods, they changed the way they saw the world. In some religions, there is an acceptance of the way we are formed or shaped. This is not the physical appearance, but this goes deeper. As Rodrica described it: “The designing of an individual.” It’s all about you want to see what has formed you.


It doesn’t really matter what the religious belief is. Rodrica has her own background, that might differ from yours. The used words and metaphors go further than the kind of religion. It is more than just names.


Judge for yourself!




Intricately Beautiful
A copy that can’t be duplicated
Set from the part to being whole
Painted so well on a canvas
On the inner soul of artistry
Of God mind, no mistake
Mistakenly known as his masterpiece
Strategically made with time
And thought, that no man could



Rodrica Butler


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Her views on what formed us.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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