Sometimes it takes great effort, to make the right photo for the poem you want to publish. Miriam took four different photos of her poem Development, that she is going to share on her Instagram account in the future. We are promoting her first version.

Waddedup.Writings on InstagramAbout the poet

Miriam is 21 years old an lives in Germany, where she studies German and English. Some day she hopes to become a novelist.

I like to write since I was in primary school. I enjoy to come up with story-lines, metaphors and other ideas I can use for my writings. Right now I mostly write short stories and short poems, but I really want to finish a novel one day.

Miriam shares her work on Instagram, where she uses the pen name Waddedup.writings.


About the poem

I took 4 different photos with this quote to show how many different facettes a sunset can actually have. So I’m going to repost this quote with a different background every once in a while and make it into a small series. ☺

This quote’s meaning isn’t that being a plain blue, cloudless sky is bad. It rather means that some people will take too long to see in you the sunset that you are. You should never be sad or wait for them or let them stop you from glowing. 😊

Source: Instagram




She wasn’t the plain blue, cloudless
sky he used to know anymore. Over
the years she had turned into a
multifaceted sunset that didn’t
mind being looked at but mainly
enjoyed glowing for herself.

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