Devils Syringe

Devils Syringe

Devils Syringe is about escaping a mentally bad place, according to Ilja Geluk. She wrote the poem about the sometimes desperate search for any escape.

About the poet

Ilja Geluk on InstagramIlja is 23 and lives in The Netherlands. She studies Applied Mathematics and above all, writing is her passion.

I write, because it helps me understand and process what I’m feeling or what might be bothering me. I write, because it is a way to connect with other people. I write, because writing is magic.

Ilja uses the medium Instagram where she uses the name Geluk.Is.Poetry. Geluk being her last name stands for happyness.

About the poem

When we asked Ilja what the poem Devils Syringe is about, she gave the following answer:

It is about being in a very bad place, mentally. Where one is desperate for any escape and thereby take an unhealthy route. Drugs, alcohol, isolation. Pick your poison.


Devils Syringe

Ilja Geluk

Devils Syringe

Slivers of something unknown
Slip through my fingers
Cold and ungraspable
Their touch seems to linger
On my skin

The feeling spreads like
Pollen through the air
Terrified I can’t let go
Of the aching despair
Deep within

Silently flowing
It creeps through my soul
Rotting and clouding it
Until someone forces me to let go
Of the devils syringe

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