For the French poetess Camille, her relationship is something to write about, over and over. The differences between her boyfriend and herself are enough to write about in the poem Differences. It’s time to meet this poetess, who has been writing since she was fourteen years old. 

CamilleAbout Camille

The 25 year old Camille send us an interesting biography. Unlike many other poets, who want to get their work featured, her biography consists of more than three or four lines.

Camille told us she started writing in het native language at the age of fourteen. After she learned English in school, she decided to go further in this language instead of French. What helped her, were her trips abroad and talking – in English – to others. Nowadays she finds it good to express her feelings in English.

Camille studies at the university and writes about the things that are important to her. She finds it easier to write about true experiences, instead of writing about things that she can’t relate to. This resulted in a collection of poetry that you can find on her Instagram page.

She also writes what she calls short texts in English. As she told us:

It’s strange but I rather write short texts or love stuff in English cause French sounds too drippy to me sometimes.

Camille mentions one of the poets she was inspired by: Charles Bukowski. It’s not every day, that a modern day poet explains that some of the inspiration comes from this American poet. Not that it’s hard to understand. Bukowski is one of the many great poets America brought forward.

As for her work as a poetess, she has the following to say:

Pieces of life I want to share, some are dark but some are brighter than sunshine!
I write a lot about him and our differences cause I’m always fascinated by us and how can two things so different can make such a perfect match.

It’s truly someone with a strong mind and a detemination to put something meaningful on paper or screen. That is what she does and she does a very good job.

About Differences

Again, we are faced with opposites. Camille writes about her relationship and one can see that the two of them are different. Different, but in the end well together.

This poem was dedicated to the boy I live with and to this relationship that I feel could make me write forever (that’s what relationships do I guess).

If it were up to us, we could only encourage Camille to keep on writing about her relationship.

But, the poem is also suggestive. We don’t want to play a role as relationship counselor, but between the lines one might get the idea that Camille wanted to relate more to the other.


By Camille B.


he didn’t care
about anything
I liked
and the things
he used to be
interested in
bothered me

we never
had much
in common

how we
made it.


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